Web Kaiser - Online Kaiser

is almost ready for launch, we are completing the last bits of the game.

It will have 3 variations of Kaiser Game available. Right now only 1 Variation will be launched. Thanks for Visiting Web Kaiser, hope to see you again in the game, launch date Jan 29th, 2011.

We are looking for Kaiser players to Demo out the Online Kaiser Gameplay so please drop an email to : webkaiser -at the rate- webkaiser.com

Feel free to Try the Online Kaiser Demo (there is no forced bid as in original kaiser , bidding goes till you can bid (12 max). Right now GUI system remains to be built for 2 more players, and a basic AI system will be build. But feel free to try the Online Kaiser with a twist.
Sorry no Seats Available Please wait for a Seat to become available. This page reloads every 2 seconds automatically.
Paid members can create Tables Click Here to Create Table. Note: Right now its Free to create tables but in time will be paid members only